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    • 12/11/2023
    • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Via Zoom

    December 11 / 7-9 pm EST

    The demand for gluten-free breads hasn't waned. Working with gluten-free flour is an adjustment for artisan bakers. Fermentation properties and dough handling require modification. Join King Arthur Baking Company's baking expert, Jonathan Brasil, to explore best practices in working with gluten-free flour.

      Course Objectives:

          • Showcase techniques for baking gluten-free breads including hydration changes, fermentation timeline and method alterations for success.
          • Present three variations of GF breads made with GF bread flour: challah, boule and baguette.
            • Open Q&A for the class.
                Jonathan is a member of King Arthur’s Research and Development team. He holds a degree in Baking and Pastry from the Culinary Institute of America (Hyde Park) and worked as a pastry cook before joining King Arthur on the Baker’s Hotline team, where he helped home bakers with everything from flat loaves of bread to tough pie crusts.

                Jonathan gradually transitioned from the Hotline to the R&D team, where he has been for the last seven years, and has been the main developer on products including our Gluten-Free Single Serve line, '00' Pizza Flour, Gluten-Free '00' Pizza Flour, Keto Wheat Flour, Keto Pizza Crust among others. Jonathan’s favorite baked good to make are chocolate chip cookies; his favorite to eat is sourdough bread.

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                  • 01/08/2024
                  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
                  • Via Zoom

                  January 8 / 6-8pm EST

                  Although it may sound like shooting down a dream, a sustainable operation plans for its entire life-cycle. This includes sale or closure of the business. In this 2 hour Zoom, you will be guided by Maggie Longo of the Small Business Development Center and Rachel Wyman, formerly of Montclair Bread Company, and currently the owner/operator of

                  Rabble Rise Doughnuts.

                  By the end of this class, you will be able to:

                    • Understand the importance of planning an exit strategy during the business conception phase
                    • Learn what options are available for an owner who wants to 'quit' their job.
                    • Options for selling the business (broker vs. realtor vs. self-list)
                    • How to end a lease and liquidate equipment
                    • Sell/Handover to employees or family/successor
                    • Understand what information is required to sell/hand-off a business and the timeline associated with a sale
                    • Cash vs. Loans vs. Seller Financing
                    • Preparing your books for the sale
                    • What information/data, interested buyers want to see
                    • PR/Marketing considerations

                    Maggie Longo is a highly experienced professional in the hospitality industry with a remarkable career spanning over 30 years. Throughout her extensive tenure, she has consistently delivered outstanding revenue generation and profitability results within prestigious, forward-thinking establishments. Her exceptional skills and expertise have earned her various accolades and recognition within the field.

                    Longo, a home-based food producer since 1982, has been a member of a collectively-run community-based bakery in Washington, DC; the pastry chef for numerous restaurants in the RI market while in culinary school at RISD; the Director of Operations of a commercial, scratch bakery, servicing hotels, restaurants, and the general public; and business-owner of RI's first Roman-style pizzeria, which lead Longo to launch a consulting practice, working with local, regional, and national brands.

                    In 2020, Longo joined the RI Small Business Development Center, bringing her wealth of experience to help businesses navigate the unique challenges presented by the pandemic. Her role involves providing valuable support and guidance to companies as they strive to overcome obstacles, expand their operations, and pursue growth opportunities. Her areas of specialization include strategic planning, the development of operational systems, and facilitating next-stage growth plans and project management. By leveraging her comprehensive industry knowledge and insights, she has consistently assisted her clients in achieving their organizational objectives. One area where she has focused her attention is the first-stage food maker/manufacturer sector, where she plays a vital role in assisting companies with strategic planning, operational system development, and overseeing project management for their next-stage initiatives. Maggie has recently joined the advisory board for the re-launch of RI's food strategy, Relish Rhody 2.0.

                    Longo's career is characterized by her deep understanding of the hospitality industry, her proven track record of success, and her ability to provide invaluable guidance to businesses in times of uncertainty and growth. Through her involvement with the RI Small Business Development Center, she has consistently impacted the success and sustainability of numerous companies.

                    Rachel Wyman, Baking & Pastry Faculty member at the Culinary Institute of America and Owner of Rabble Rise Bakery in New Paltz, New York, Rachel has a storied history in bread baking and recipe creation for major bakeries including Tribeca Oven, Amy's Bread and Bread Alone. She’s an award-winning doughnut baker, with a passion for dough, a knack for flavor and a talent for innovation. Her book, Will Run for Doughnuts chronicles stories & recipes from the ten years she spent growing & nurturing her New Jersey bakery, Montclair Bread Company and many beloved community events. Rachel resides in the Hudson Valley with her three kids and two pups

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                    • 01/09/2024
                    • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
                    • Via Zoom

                    January 9 / 6-8pm EST

                    Flakey, light, rich and versatile, puff pastry is a work horse in the bakery. Its neutrality is its strength; it lends itself to myriad sweet and savory applications, and when mastered elevates your bakery case. Join Head Baker Leonair Dorsey as she demonstrates the best practices in laminating and making puff pastry. By the end of this class, you will understand lock-in and laminating classic puff pastry, shaping and creating traditional and modern fillings for pithivier and galette des Rois, and how to create well-caramelized palmiers with re-rolled trim.

                    Baker Leonair Dorsey is the extraordinary Head Pastry Chef and Kitchen Manager at Gracious Bakery in New Orleans, LA. A graduate of Delgado Community College Culinary program, with a focus on pastry arts about 15 years, and has been pushing herself to keep growing and improving ever since. She especially loves lamination and challenging her skills to keep learning new techniques and incorporating them into production.Degrees in accounting and business have come in handy for life, but haven’t nourished her soul the way baking has. About the industry, Leonair LOVEs what she does! She loves talking about it and that there is a never ending well of culinary knowledge to consume. There are so many people to share it with.Leonair is a wife and the mother of two beautiful daughters with whom she enjoys baking and eating.

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                    • 01/23/2024
                    • 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
                    • Via Zoom

                    January 23 / 6-7:30pm EST

                    Confused about how falling numbers are measured and what it means? Maybe you think a COA is something you supply to your accountant? Why is there ash in your flour?

                    Flour and its qualities are fundamental to producing delicious and consistent baked goods. Learning how grain is grown, harvested, milled into flour, and assessed allows the baker to better control outcomes and understand one of their most important ingredients. Join miller and baker Nicky Giusto of Central Milling and the Artisan Baking Center to better understand the process. By the end of this course student should be able to:

                    • Have a core understanding of how flour blends are created.
                    • Understand the difference between extraction rate and ash content.
                    • Understand how flour is evaluated and tested for consistency.
                    • Understand all or most of a Certificate of Analysis (COA) document.
                    • Recognize the importance of the data presented on a COA.
                    • Understand how flour is ‘corrected’ by the miller or baker.
                    • Identify the role of enzymes, additives, and enrichments in flour.

                    Spelt: what it is and what it can be

                    In this demonstration we will explore: the history, farming, milling, and baking with this special grain. We will also touch on the business end of spelt in today’s market. On the practical side, we will look at and bake with three types of spelt flour. 

                      Nicky Giusto is a fourth-generation miller and baker who grew up in the world of bread. In 2013, he won the Grand Prize in the Artisan Baking category at the America’s Best Raisin Bread Baking competition. As a member of Bread Bakers Guild Team USA, he competed in the 2016 Coupe duMonde de la Boulangerie in Paris, in the Baguette and World Breads category. He works for Central
                      Milling Company, developing bread programs and teaching bakers of all levels.

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                      • 01/29/2024
                      • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
                      • Via Zoom

                      January 29 / 7-8pm EST

                      Have you dabbled in ways to monetize your baking skills in the online world? Perhaps you’ve explored selling online courses, launching a YouTube channel or even writing a Substack newsletter?

                      If so, then you know that trying to do it all can lead to feeling confused, burnt out and overwhelmed. “Which ideas should I prioritize? How will I know if it’s working? How can I realistically do it all?” In this session, we’ll approach your business holistically, putting the scattered puzzle pieces together to form a crystal clear picture of the various monetization opportunities in front of you.

                      In this training, you'll learn:

                      • What it means to have a multi-dimensional baking business.
                      • How to design your holistic business model, customized to you and your goals.
                      • How to prioritize and take your next steps strategically, without burning out.

                      This workshop is for you if you want to go from a single sales stream to a multi-dimensional business with online revenue sources. 

                      Cynthia Samanian is the founder of The Culinary Boss, where she helps experienced solopreneurs grow their multi-dimensional dream businesses. Through her programs, podcast and free resources, Cynthia offers her expertise on culinary business strategy and operations so solopreneurs can grow their reach, increase their sales and work on their terms.

                      In addition to hosting her own 5-star rated podcast, Cynthia has appeared on top industry podcasts including Pastry Arts Magazine, Food Blogger Pro, Food Biz Wiz and more.

                      Growing up as a daughter of Iranian immigrants, Cynthia is no stranger to the power of food to unite people across cultures. She is a passionate home cook and dinner party host. Cynthia is a graduate of Harvard Business School and currently lives in sunny Oakland, California with her partner and two young daughters.


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                      • 02/05/2024
                      • 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
                      • Via Zoom

                      February 5 / 5-6:30pm EST

                      Convection ovens are a bakery workhorse. These efficient tools maximize production in a small space, bake faster, brown better, and are versatile. Join Revent bakers Evan Wizner and Michael Landman to learn how select the ideal oven for your business and to get the most out of the ovens you may already be using. By the end of this course, the student will understand:

                      1. The range of convection ovens
                      2. Labor saving and production streamlining opportunities with these ovens.
                      3. The versatility of convections
                      4. Applied outcomes using brioche as a point of reference
                      5. Special tools to expand your convection baking options

                      Feel free to ask a question when you register, or chime in with new questions at the end of the session.

                      Evan Wizner

                      Hi, my name is Evan Wizner, I am the Test Baker for Revent USA. I started baking in 2012 in the Bay Area California where I first found my passion for baking sourdough. I spent the last 10 years perfecting my craft while expanding my skillset and knowledge base. My Kung Fu is artisan baking sourdough and viennoiserie. Here at Revent, I am able to practice and experiment in ways that have greatly helped my understanding of baking and fermentation. If I were to simplify my baking philosophy in one phrase, it would be: time and temperature. Time and temperature are the secret ingredients in baking and fortunately for our community, there are no secrets! So come join me early next year as I help to unpack the secrets of time and temperature and baking in rack/convection ovens.

                      Michael Landman:

                      Hello, I am Michael Landman! I was born and raised in Peru, and while I have a degree in Information Systems Engineering my a deepest passion is for cooking and baking. Ever since I moved to the US almost 3 years ago, I’ve been following my dream and training myself every day to become better in this wonderful craft. I started small, baking just a couple sourdough loaves at home per month. Then I started working at Zak The Baker in Miami, FL, and suddenly found myself baking around 1500 loaves during the overnight shift for two years. After that, I switched to the day team for a few months and finally in July I relocated to NJ to work at Revent, where I have the ideal environment to learn and further develop my skills.  In addition to baking for Revent, I am also their Food Technologist focusing on high speed cooking ovens. 

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                      • 02/19/2024
                      • 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
                      • Via Zoom
                      • 38

                      February 19 / 5-6:30pm EST

                      Honey is a baker’s best friend. It contributes to exceptional flavor, performs essential functional roles, and is marketable.  Learn about honey--varietals, forms, uses in baking and the bees that produce it--with our partners at the National Honey Board.  The NHB will ship a honey tasting kit to sample during the virtual session.  You must register by January 22, 2024 to receive that kit, but may participate even without it.

                      The National Honey Board is an industry-funded agriculture promotion group that educates consumers about the benefits and uses of honey and honey products. Our research, marketing, and promotional programs are funded by an assessment on domestic and imported honey and are designed to increase awareness and usage of honey by consumers, the foodservice industry, and food manufacturers.

                      The National Honey Board (NHB), which operates under the U.S. Department of Agriculture oversight, is not a regulatory agency and does not have powers of enforcement. The Board is prohibited from using funds to influence legislation or governmental action or policy.

                      The NHB is authorized by the Commodity Promotion, Research, and Information Act of 1996 and was established under the rules and regulations of the Honey Packers and Importers Research, Promotion, Consumer Education and Industry Information Order, effective May 2008.

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                      • 03/05/2024
                      • 8:00 AM
                      • 03/07/2024
                      • 5:00 PM
                      • JWU - Harborside Campus

                      March 5-7, 2024 in Providence, RI at

                      Johnson & Wales University

                      Camp Bread is: 
                      • Kitchens bustling with enthusiastic bakers. Lecture halls filled with entrepreneurial spirit. An amphitheater enlivened with dazzling demos.
                      • 200+ professional bakers coming together over three days to exchange ideas, techniques and best practices through hands-on classes, workshops and demonstrations.

                      • Hands-on baking classes on lamination, naturally-leavened breads, steamed breads, pizza, cookies, packaged pastries, sweet and savory fillings and more, more, more! 

                      • Seminars and workshops on the business of baking, employee management and growth, marketing, bakery design and more, more, more! 

                      • A sponsor showcase where you can meet and talk with ingredient and equipment suppliers and other industry affiliates.

                      • Book signings with your favorite baker-authors.

                      • Fun! Connect and network with your peers at Camp and at our Guildhall Gathering (separate ticket required). 

                      • A comprehensive opportunity for skill development, professional growth and inspiration for bakery owners, bench bakers and anyone interested in growing a career or a business in baking. 

                      See the full listing of Camp programming here!


                      Who should attend? 

                      We welcome baking professionals at any and every stage in their professional journey, as well as baking enthusiasts of all stripes.  We hope to fill Camp, though, with baking professionals who stand to benefit the most from our immersive and impactful Camp programming.  At this time, Camp Bread is open only to active Guild members.  

                      How much does Camp cost? 

                      Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, we are able to offer our tickets at a more affordable rate compared to other events of similar scale and duration. Their financial contributions play a crucial role in offsetting the costs of Camp, making it accessible to a broader audience. And, we have created two tiers of ticket prices to encourage teams to attend Camp. 

                      • First ticket:  $900 
                      • Additional tickets at a 25% discount:  $675   
                      • We're excited to introduce our "Buy One, Give One" (BOGO) ticket option priced at $1575. By choosing the BOGO ticket, you not only secure your spot at Camp but also enable someone who might otherwise be unable to afford it to join us. Your investment in a BOGO ticket contributes to our general scholarship fund for Camp, ensuring that more individuals can experience this incredible opportunity. Plus, for your generosity, $675 of the ticket price is tax-deductible.
                      • All tickets receive the same access to all Camp programming.  Hands-on classes (full and half-day) are limited to two per camper.
                      • A separate ticket is required for our Guildhall Gathering on Wednesday, March 6.

                      If you are facing a financial barrier, please contact us at and we will work with you so that you can attend Camp Bread. 

                      Where should I stay? 

                      The Guild has reserved blocks of rooms in historic, downtown Providence. Please use the the link provided in your confirmation email to reserve your rooms at the discounted price. 


                      Cancellation policy

                      Any notice of cancellation or a transfer must be made in writing and emailed to

                      • If cancelling prior to January 21, 2024 (more than 6 weeks prior to Camp Bread), payments will be reimbursed, minus a $150 cancellation fee. Payments transferred to another person can be made at no charge; however transferred registrations are non-refundable.
                      • January 22 - February 18, 2024 (6 weeks to 3 weeks prior to Camp Bread)  the original payment is non-refundable but can be transferred to another person. Transferred payment is non-refundable.
                      • After 2/19/22024 (2 weeks or less before the course start date), payments are non-refundable. No transfer will be granted.

                      In the unlikely event of cancellation, BBGA will notify participants by email as soon as the event cancellation occurs. In this case, participants will receive a full refund of their registration fee. BBGA is not responsible for any hotel or airline fees that may be incured in case of a cancellation.

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