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  • Getting Granular: A Talk About Flour

Getting Granular: A Talk About Flour

  • 01/23/2024
  • 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Via Zoom



January 23 / 6-7:30pm EST

Confused about how falling numbers are measured and what it means? Maybe you think a COA is something you supply to your accountant? Why is there ash in your flour?

Flour and its qualities are fundamental to producing delicious and consistent baked goods. Learning how grain is grown, harvested, milled into flour, and assessed allows the baker to better control outcomes and understand one of their most important ingredients. Join miller and baker Nicky Giusto of Central Milling and the Artisan Baking Center to better understand the process. By the end of this course student should be able to:

  • Have a core understanding of how flour blends are created.
  • Understand the difference between extraction rate and ash content.
  • Understand how flour is evaluated and tested for consistency.
  • Understand all or most of a Certificate of Analysis (COA) document.
  • Recognize the importance of the data presented on a COA.
  • Understand how flour is ‘corrected’ by the miller or baker.
  • Identify the role of enzymes, additives, and enrichments in flour.

Spelt: what it is and what it can be

In this demonstration we will explore: the history, farming, milling, and baking with this special grain. We will also touch on the business end of spelt in today’s market. On the practical side, we will look at and bake with three types of spelt flour. 

    Nicky Giusto is a fourth-generation miller and baker who grew up in the world of bread. In 2013, he won the Grand Prize in the Artisan Baking category at the America’s Best Raisin Bread Baking competition. As a member of Bread Bakers Guild Team USA, he competed in the 2016 Coupe duMonde de la Boulangerie in Paris, in the Baguette and World Breads category. He works for Central
    Milling Company, developing bread programs and teaching bakers of all levels.

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