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  • Rise to Success: How to Grow a Multi-Dimensional Baking Business

Rise to Success: How to Grow a Multi-Dimensional Baking Business

  • 01/29/2024
  • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Via Zoom


Registration is closed

January 29 / 7-8pm EST

Have you dabbled in ways to monetize your baking skills in the online world? Perhaps you’ve explored selling online courses, launching a YouTube channel or even writing a Substack newsletter?

If so, then you know that trying to do it all can lead to feeling confused, burnt out and overwhelmed. “Which ideas should I prioritize? How will I know if it’s working? How can I realistically do it all?” In this session, we’ll approach your business holistically, putting the scattered puzzle pieces together to form a crystal clear picture of the various monetization opportunities in front of you.

In this training, you'll learn:

  • What it means to have a multi-dimensional baking business.
  • How to design your holistic business model, customized to you and your goals.
  • How to prioritize and take your next steps strategically, without burning out.

This workshop is for you if you want to go from a single sales stream to a multi-dimensional business with online revenue sources. 

Cynthia Samanian is the founder of The Culinary Boss, where she helps experienced solopreneurs grow their multi-dimensional dream businesses. Through her programs, podcast and free resources, Cynthia offers her expertise on culinary business strategy and operations so solopreneurs can grow their reach, increase their sales and work on their terms.

In addition to hosting her own 5-star rated podcast, Cynthia has appeared on top industry podcasts including Pastry Arts Magazine, Food Blogger Pro, Food Biz Wiz and more.

Growing up as a daughter of Iranian immigrants, Cynthia is no stranger to the power of food to unite people across cultures. She is a passionate home cook and dinner party host. Cynthia is a graduate of Harvard Business School and currently lives in sunny Oakland, California with her partner and two young daughters.


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