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Variations of Sourdough

  • 04/29/2024
  • 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM (ADT)
  • King Arthur Baking, Norwich, VT
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April 29 / 11am - 6pm ET Day 1   King Arthur Baking Company, Norwich, VT

April 30 / 9am - 4pm ET Day 2

Join us at the King Arthur Baking School and deepen your understanding of sourdoughs products and processes. In this course we will produce a variety of breads and learn how foundational factors such as build schedules, hydration, flour selection, fermentation times, and temperature influence not only flavor profile but also dough characteristics and production timelines. Learning to manipulate these and other variables is critical to the baker’s success at any scale. The subject will be explored in its historical context with a focus on how principles affect production in real time.  

By the end of this course you will be able to: 

  • Create functional sourdough maintenance schedules, to meet your or your bakery’s demands. 

  • Select appropriate preferments, suitable for your needs and optimum outcomes. 

  • Design breads that work with an understanding of the dynamic relationship between percentages prefermented flour, flour types, fermentation times, and temperatures.  

  • Manipulate hydration and temperature, as seasons and daily needs dictate. 

***For this course, a basic knowledge of baker's percentages and some prior experience with sourdough is recommended. 

Luc Diggle has been baking professionally since 2002. Prior to joining the Baking School in 2021, he spent ten years in King Arthur’s production bakery. He is one of a small number of bakers certified by the Bread Baker’s Guild of America and was a member of the team that travelled to Paris in 2018 to represent the United States at the Fête du Pain. He lives in Vermont with his wife and four beautiful children.   

Originally from the Chicago area, Blake Olson moved to Vermont in 2007 and has been baking professionally since 2010.  Prior to joining King Arthur's Baking School in 2022, he spent 6 years in King Arthur’s production bakery in both bread and pastry.  In 2023 he was certified by the BBGA, in breads. He lives in Randolph, Vermont with his wife and two sons.  Blake pursues music and gardening in his free time.  


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