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Bakery Tool App

Bakery Tool is an easy-to-use app for small to medium sized bakeries. Achieve total control over your production in no time!

This online tool will help your bakery become efficient and smooth-running.

It is role-based, and some of these features include:

  • Shop manager can register bakery and multiple shop inventory.
  • Bakers can print weekly production sheets and have their own easy to read recipe book (with scale calculations).
  • Packers and drivers can have daily printed receipts for your customers and shops.
  • Set up your bakery with employees and give private / public access based on user rights.
  • Get a great overview of your bakery, with some neat statistics, a dashboard and internal message board.

No download needed!

Bakery Tool is a FREE beta until 2015! (After that it’s going to be an affordable monthly fee.)

Sign up for free at

View our cool video here.

                                                                                Posted 9/3/14


I am a semi-retired, successful startup bakery owner of Madison Sourdough in Madison, Wisconsin, from 1994-2009.  We specialized in naturally leavened breads, pan breads, and laminates, fresh and frozen, retail, wholesale, and farmers markets.

I offer consultation in startups, expansions, new product development, existing product quality improvement, custom-fit to your business.

Breads:  Breads: Specializing in sourdough breads, yeasted breads, preferments, hearth and pan baked, baguettes, miche, white, multigrain, wholegrain, sprouted.
Pastry:  Specializing in laminates - croissants, danish, puff, and brioche.
Also included: Marketing retail, wholesale, promotion, and lifestyle management. Applying fermentative science, hand techniques, art, history, and tradition.

Reasonable rates. References.  Ongoing support and mentoring after initial consult.

Cameron Ramsay,,  608-772-7775.                                                                                                                                                          posted 9/2/14

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