Board of Directors

Left to Right:  Andy Clark, Leslie Mackie, Michael Rhoads,
Melina Kelson-Podolsky, Jeff Yankellow, Phyllis Enloe, Neale Creamer,
Tod Bramble, Solveig Tofte


JEFF YANKELLOW Board Chair                   Term: 2013 - 2015
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Jeff has been a member of The Guild since 2000 and has served on the Board of Directors since 2007. He was a member of gold medal winning Bread Bakers Guild Team USA 2005 and continues to participate in the team process as a manager and coach. Jeff is proud to be a product of The Guild in the sense that his baking career was directly impacted by Guild sponsored education, starting with a 6 month internship at the National Baking Center. It is his wish to continually strengthen The Guild and provide the same benefits he received to current and future members.

PHYLLIS ENLOE - Board Vice Chair                 Term: 2014-2016
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Phyllis Enloe is a native of Amarillo, Texas. After an accomplished career as a surgical nurse she opened her own artisan bakery café, Village Bakery Café in 1994. She has been a member of The Guild since 2000, has attended numerous regional events, and trained at the National Baking Center, SFBI and the French Pastry School and volunteered at Camp Bread 2005 and 2007.

NEALE CREAMER - Treasurer                           Term: 2014-2016
email Neale
Neale Creamer has been a serious home baker for 30+ years. He has taught classes at the Portland, Oregon Farmers Market. However, he has not abandoned his day job of being an attorney specializing in business transactions, taxation and estate planning.

TOD BRAMBLE - Board Member                       Term: 2013-2015
email Tod
I was fortunate to get hired by King Arthur Flour in Norwich, Vermont as their Northeast Regional Sales Manager for Bakery Flour; a position I held for 10 1/2 years. Mostly recently I was given the chance to join Cargill’s Horizon Milling sales team as a Strategic Account Manager in their Integrated Bakery Resources division for the East and Midwest regions of the country.

ANDY CLARK - Board Member                         Term: 2014-2016
email Andy
Andy Clark is the Chief Operating Officer of Udi's Artisan Bakery located just outside of Boulder, Colorado. Andy enjoys baking, poetry, music, latin food and culture and spending time outdoors with his wife and three boys.

JORY DOWNER - Board Member                         Term: 2015-2017
email Jory
Jory Downer is owner of Bennison's Bakeries in Evanston, IL, in the Chicago area.  Jory was a member of The Bakers Guild Team USA 2005, competing in the Viennoiserie category.

MELINA KELSON-PODOLSKY - Board Member Term: 2015-2017
email Melina
Born into a food family, Melina has been baking all of her life. She has worked in bakeries, restaurants and catering. Melina had been teaching baking and pastry arts since 2001 and currently teaches at Kendall College in Chicago, where she created and teaches their Artisan Bread program.

LESLIE MACKIE - Board Member                     Term: 2015-2017
email Leslie
Leslie's career started at the California Culinary Academy where she discovered her love of baking.  She had the great pleasure of working as the head baker at Grand Central Bakery in Seattle for four years, before opening her own artisan bakery called Macrina Bakery & Café in 1993. Her company has grown to three retail cafes and a wholesale business delivering hearth baked breads and pastries all over the greater Seattle area.  She has been a Guild members since 1994.

SOLVEIG TOFTE - Board Member                    Term: 2013-2018
email Solveig
Solveig Tofte, along with her husband, Martin Ouimet, opened Sun Street Breads in Minneapolis, MN in March of 2011. Prior to that she was the head baker at Turtle Bread Company (also in Minneapolis) for 10 years. She was the breads representative and Team Captain for the Bread Bakers Guild Team USA 2008. Her term on the Board of Directors began in 2010.



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