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An Artisan is a worker in a skilled trade that involves making things by hand; a skilled worker or craftsperson.

Artisan Bakers utilize knowledge of traditional methodologies, a mastery of hand skills, and an appreciation for the best quality raw materials and ingredients, to produce baked goods that meet the highest possible standards of taste, appearance, aroma and texture.

The Artisan Baking Community is a community of professional bakers, farmers, millers, suppliers, educators, students, home bakers, technical experts, and bakery owners and managers who work together to support the principle and the practice of producing the highest quality baked goods. Our members are an independent, creative and colorful group who value and promote baking education and thrive on the lively exchange of ideas.

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The Bread Bakers Guild of America is the leading American educational resource for artisan bread bakers.  Our mission:  to shape the knowledge and skill of the artisan baking community through education.