Board of Directors

  LAURIE SCHIVE - Board Chair

 Term: 2022 - 2024



During a 20-year career with the Federal Government and a stint as a cybersecurity and risk consultant, Laurie taught herself to bake bread as a way to destress and learn how to recreate traditional baked goods in the many countries she visited.  After “retiring” and resettling in New Hampshire, Laurie joined the BBGA to improve her bread baking skills and connect with fellow artisan bakers, with a dream of opening up her own bakery.  In 2018, the dream came true with the opening of the Blue Loon Bakery near Lake Sunapee, with a mission to bring freshly-baked breads and pastries to the local community.


  KATE GOODPASTER - Board Vice Chair

 Term: 2022 - 2024


Kate Goodpaster is owner of Hardwood Creek Farm in Hugo, MN.  Kate began baking with her mom, Harriet, during her childhood in St. Paul. Goodpaster went to Gustavus Adolphus College and received a B.A. in Philosophy, and was considering graduate school when a job in a coffeeshop convinced her to learn to make pastries instead. Goodpaster went off to the French Pastry School in Chicago. After completing the L’Art de Patisserie program, she completed the 6-month internship at the school, which is where she met John Kraus, who was assembling his Coupe team with two Chicago pastry chefs. She knew then that she wanted to be in his shoes one day.  Kate joined the team at Patisserie 46 in 2013. Kate was a proud member of Team USA at the World Cup of Baking in Paris in early 2020, representing the United States in Viennoiserie. 


  KOBLA ASAMOAH - Treasurer

  Term: 2023-2025


Kobla Asamoah is Senior Director of Accelerator Operations at Caminus Ventures, an accelerator and investment program targeting food, beverage and related businesses. Prior to Caminus, Kobla served as Head of Small Business at Hot Bread Kitchen, a social enterprise based in NYC. There he focused on growing an incubator program committed to supporting underrepresented entrepreneurs in the industries of food and beverage, providing these entrepreneurs with resources meant to aid in their growth ambitions.


  KRISTINE BOROK - Board Member

  Term: 2023-2025

Kristine Borok is an experienced non-profit leader with expertise in development, storytelling, and organizational strategy.  She has an added background in the culinary industry as a trained professional chef with experience working in a variety of roles including pastry chef, baker and culinary instructor.  She currently works as Chief Operating Officer for Hot Bread Kitchen, a nonprofit that creates economic mobility for individuals impacted by gender, racial, social, and/or economic inequality in New York City, using the vibrant potential of the food industry as a pathway forward.

  EDNA COCHEZ - Board Member

  Term: 2021-2023



Edna was Head Baker and R&D for Panama Baking Factory since 2003 in Panama City, Panama. After doing that for 17 years, she was a judge in Top Chef´s Bravo TV cooking show Panama edition 2019. She now has a blog and online baking school on Patreon, and works with international cooking equipment and ingredient brands, such as Miele & Lurpak butter, to develop content for their clients.



  Term: 2023-2025


Apollonia is baker and CEO for Poilâne, an internationally-acclaimed, family-run bakery founded in Paris in 1932.  She began apprenticing in the bakery at the age of 16, and took over its operation at age 18, when her parents were killed in an accident.  Apollonia now oversees 160 employees at five locations across France and London.  She wrote a cookbook, released in 2020, for skilled and novice bakers called Poilâne: The Secrets of the World-Famous Bread Bakery.  Through all of her work, Apollonia has maintained the traditions and spirit of Poilâne bakers who came before her while putting her own modern stamp on the bakery.


  HARMONY SAGE - Board Member

  Term: 2022-2024


Harmony Sage is a classically trained French pastry chef who has worked in some of the finest kitchens in the world. She has a deep understanding of doughs and natural fermentation and brings a special flare to her vegetarian and vegan creations. Growing up baking and spending time in the kitchen cooking with her parents and grandparents had a profound impact on her. Her training at the Ritz Carlton and indispensable experience working in Italy and the Mediterranean allows her to maintain high quality with a cultural and creative edge. As a baker, brewer and distiller she is fascinated by all grain and yeast fermentation. These fermentations have brought her to be the owner of Long Beach Bread Lab and Long Beach Spirits Lab as well as the Co-Owner of Long Beach Beer Lab which she runs with her husband. Harmony obtained her Certification of Certified Bread Baker from the Bread Bakers Guild of America in January 2020.


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