Our Mission

The Bread Bakers Guild of America has always dedicated itself to advancing the artisan baking profession. The Guild is well known in the baking community as the go-to educational resource for substantive, accurate information on the craft of making bread. If you want to know how to make incomparable bread – mix it, ferment it, shape it, bake it and sell it, you’ve come to the right place. The materials and activities generated by The Guild are available nowhere else! They represent the cutting edge
in providing the tools needed to produce the highest quality bread products.


  • Provide educational resources to artisan bakers. We are the definitive resource for information on all aspects of artisan baking in America.
  • Support and foster the growth of the artisan baking community. We are an independent and creative group of professional bakers, farmers, millers, suppliers, educators, students, home bakers, technical experts, and bakery owners and managers.
  • Define and uphold the highest professional standards. We respect bakers as highly skilled artisans who vigilantly strive for quality.
  • Celebrate the craft and the passion of the artisan baker.



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The Bread Bakers Guild of America is the leading American educational resource for artisan bread bakers.  Our mission:  to shape the knowledge and skill of the artisan baking community through education.