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Head Baker (Lamination Specialty), Dallas, Texas

  • 02/09/2024 1:20 PM
    Message # 13313229
    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Village Baking Co. is a retail bakery specializing in laminated dough products.  We currently service our 4 retail locations from our central commissary kitchen.  Beyond our lamination products we also offer a wide range of products including coffee, cakes, sandwiches, tarts, packaged goods and artisan breads.  Our breads and pastries are baked and prepared fresh daily and are delivered to our 4 locations.  Our goal is to provide the most wholesome experience to our employees and customers.  The company has been making products fresh daily since 2004.  Our business is growing in volume and quality and we  are searching for a well rounded head baker to execute on our daily produced product line.

    The position we are seeking must be a focused Lamination Baker with knowledge of all of our products we produce at our bakery.  As the Head Baker you will be responsible for the quality control of all the products coming from our bakery.  Quality is never sacrificed and requires a deep understanding of the products we produce.  Since we produce products for multiple locations this position needs to understand higher volume production.

    Our Workflow for this candidate would be the following:

    • Overseeing and Mixing Croissant Dough to Ensure the Quality
      • Maximum 32 Blocks a day (7 Kilos per block)
      • Additional Mixing for other Recipes
    • Managing Lamination Leads
      • Reducing Waste Through Best Practices
      • Overseeing Daily Lamination of Product
    • Fulfilling Piece Order
      • Fulfill Daily Production Orders
    • Managing Baking Team
      • Overseeing Lamination and Bread Team
    • Sorting and Fulfillment
      • Ensure products are correctly distributed

    Position Requirements:

    • Lead baking and production staff to maximize labor use and production goals for company
    • Train new employees on best practices to reduce waste and insure quality
    • Manage purchasing for products needed in production
    • Manage inventory and ensure proper product rotation
    • Supervise workflow with proper technique and assistance where needed
    Experience: 4-8 Years Experience with Laminated Dough and Bread

    Please send resume to Andy Wallace at

  • 02/09/2024 1:52 PM
    Reply # 13313257 on 13313229

    This is a test on the position.

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