WheatStalk 2018

Plans are in process for WheatStalk 2018, being held at Johnson & Wales University Providence on February 27-March 1, 2018.

This will be a members-only event:  three days of lectures, demos, hands-on classes, and baking conversation!

Only members will be notified when the registration process begins. The process with a lottery drawing to select 150 lucky members.  Not everyone that applies will be invited to attend.

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WheatStalk 2014 Rocked!

On September 19-21, 2014, WheatStalk returned to the world-class facility at Kendall College in Chicago for three days of baking education.

Like WheatStalk 2012, it was the joining together of member bakers, millers and growers to learn and improve techniques, share ideas and build community.

Attendees played with fire in the wood-fired oven, explored competition breads, learned how to create modern breads with ancient grains, created tantalizing breakfast pastries and artistic showpieces that dazzled. Non-bread classes about confisier, preserves, and sandwiches helped cafe owners expand their offerings. Lectures and demonstrations touched on topics that included opening a bakery, ciabatta and focaccia, classic French breads, sprouted flours, and the business of baking.

Instructors at WheatStalk 2014:

Ann F. Burgunder Sandra Holl Mitch Stamm
Nancy Carey Tim Huff Michel Suas
Joanne Chang Stephen Jones Christy Timon
Hubert Chiron William Leaman Miyuki Togi
Julie Dawson Thom Leonard Solveig Tofte
Jory Downer James MacGuire John Tredgold
Michael Eggebrecht Richard Miscovich Lionel Vatinet
Abe Faber Craig Ponsford Paul Virant
Randy George Harry Peemoeller Bill Weekley
Roger Gural Peter Reinhart Mike Zakowski
Jeffrey Hamelman Didier Rosada  
Andrew Heyn Peggy Ryan  


Formulas and handouts from WheatStalk 2014 and WheatStalk 2012 are posted on the Members Only page of our website.  Go to Join Us for information about becoming a Guild member!



WheatStalk 2012 

WheatStalk 2012 took place on June 28-30, 2012 and was the keystone of our Cereal Series of 2012.

This sold-out, members-only event featured three educationally packed days with hands-on classes, demos, lectures and oven building taught by the industry leaders and old friends.

Kendall College in Chicago graciously hosted this event. Located in the heart of the heartland, this venue was easily accessible for many Guild members.

The three days of baking and learning featured exciting demos, wood-fired oven building, hands-on classes and lectures taught by industry leaders and mentors, including:

Volker Baumann Tim Huff Didier Rosada
Tod Bramble Philippe Le Corre Frank Sally
Jory Downer Leslie Mackie Amy Scherber
Eric Futran Pat Manley Kurt Schmitt
Jeremey Gadouas Juan Manuel Martinez Michel Suas
Lee Glass Richard Miscovich Solveig Tofte
Jeffrey Hamelman Tracey Muzzolini Jeff Yankellow
Ciril Hitz Harry Peemoeller Mike Zakowski
Bruce Hoshor Craig Ponsford Pierre Zimmermann
  Andrew Ross  

One of the goals of WheatStalk is creating an inclusive and fun filled atmosphere while maximizing an educationally intensive opportunity for our members.

Read the 4-part article by attendee Andrew Janjigian of PBS series America's Test Kitchen as he reports his personal experiences at WheatStalk 2012:



Experience the conference by watching the video of 2005 Camp Bread. (Event name changed to WheatStalk in 2012).

Play Camp Bread 2005 video


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“BBGA is an amazing organization and I've never met a more open and inclusive bunch of professionals and experienced amateurs. . .I was in awe to be in the company of such an accomplished (and nice) bunch of bakers at all levels who didn't hesitate to share their knowledge and help me learn.”
– Serious home baker, IL

“Wheatstalk was tremendously fun.” –Baking/culinary instructor, NY

Thank you again for a most memorable event.  It was packed so full with energy and good will I will always remember and cherish it.”
– Serious home baker, WA

“I am not exaggerating when I say it was the best conference I've ever attended. I learned so much and have so much to think about and implement at my bakery.” 
– Bakery owner, IN