The Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie has been inspiring bakers to test technique, knowledge, timing and creativity since 1992. Held roughly every four years, a three person team, sponsored by their national guild, has trained for selection and competition, committing tons of time refining their skills.  This international competition aims to promote the profession of baker and bread quality in the world. To accomplish this, the Guild pours resources into developing these few so they can have their best day on an international stage. In return for this opportunity, former Coupe competitors agree to share those skills with Guild members through classes, published recipes, articles, and coaching future teams.

Come join Robert Jörin (1999, Viennoiserie), Ciril Hitz (2002 Artistic Design), Jory Downer (Viennoiserie, 2005) Kate Goodpaster (Viennoiserie, 2018),and Harry Peemoller (2012, Artistic Design and 2016 Coach) for a special Round Table discussion. They will talk about what it takes to make it to the big show, their learnings, and life after the Coupe. This event will be free for any one interested in learning more. 



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