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The Bread Bakers Guild of America is proud to announce its 2018 regional event theme, "#InGlutenWeTrust."

We have selected top instructors from around the country to share their expertise, innovative ideas, and overall passion that drives them to the bench each day!  Fifteen classes are scheduled in different locations from coast to coast.

Don’t miss out on these unique and inspiring classes!

Registration for each class will open independently. Watch this space.

If you're not already a member, you might consider joining. Guild members receive advance notice when class registrations open.

OPEN!  March 24-25 - Flatbreads and Crackers with Heritage Wheats, Dawn Woodward, Amarillo, TX

Interested in baking with whole grains?  Crackers and flatbreads are a great intro to working with small-batch whole grains and add to any baker's repertoire or product list. 

This two-day, hands-on class, taught by Dawn Woodward of the award-winnng Evelyn's Crackers, will focus on leavened and unleavened crackers made with heritage and landrace whole grains, nut flours, and malted grains. 

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OPEN!  April 27-28 - The Science Behind Sourdough, Karen Bornarth and Debra Wink, Jersey City, NJ

This science-based course, part lecture and part hands-on baking, is aimed at intermediate and advanced/professional bakers who are seeking a deeper understanding of sourdough systems. 

A student who took this class last year commented, "Each lecture, demonstration, and hands-on opportunity was planned and timed to allow us to see what was being done, ask questions, and expand our skills. It was a real joy to spend an entire weekend among people with a shared passion."

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May 4-5, Subtly Sweet and Savory Breads, Josh Bellamy, Charlotte, NC.  Registration not open yet.

May 5-6 - Porridge Breads, Nicky Giusto, San Antonio, TX 
Registration not open yet.


OPEN!  May 31-June 1 - Versatile Whole Grain Dough, Rose Lawrence, Portland, OR

Join Rose Lawrence of Red Bread for a dive into whole grains.

Learn about natural, wild fermented sourdough breads and how to incorporate active whole grains at varying percentages to get maximum flavor.  Work with regional varieties to create a mother dough that can be used for pizza, focaccia, hearth loaves, and  crackers.

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June 8-9 - Breaking Bread, Martin Philip, Burlington, WA   
Registration not open yet.

July 14-15 - Elevated and Laminated Doughs 2.0, Jeremey Gadouas, Redmond, WA. Registration not open yet.

August 7-8 - Heritage Wheat Breads, Andy Clark and Thom Leonard, Golden, CO. Registration not open yet..

August 17-18 - The Grain Exchange: A Baker's Experiment in Flour Substitution, Ciril Hitz, Norwich, VT
Registration not open yet.


August 17-18 - In-House Milling and Baking, Mel Darbyshire and Ryan Moore, Burlington, WA. Registration not open yet.

September 8-9 - Keeping Your Bakery Business Lively, Solveig Tofte, Minneapolis, MN. Registration not open yet.

September 22-23 - The World oF Laminated Doughs, Jory downer, Chicago, IL  Registration not open yet.

October 12-13 - Holiday Breads, Didier Rosada, Somerset, NJ.   Registration not open yet.

October 13-14 - Bialys and Farmers Market Breads, Mike Zakowski, Petaluma, CA.  Registration not open yet.

December 7-8 - Principles of Formula Development, Richard Miscovich and Amber Eisler, Norwich, VT.  Registration not open yet.

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“Baking with Ancient Grains was truly an amazing experience!  I'm really looking forward to taking more classes in the future.” – Bakery employee, OR