Raising Hope

NOVEMBER 9TH - 5:00 PM et

Did you miss it?

The Bakery

Raising Hope was a time of special demos with some of baking’s greats.100% of donations raised from this event will benefit the efforts of the Adama Foundation under the auspices of The Lighthouse Initiative, a registered nonprofit and their work building bakeries for refugees in Uganda.

The bakery will be run and managed by the women refugees in the camp. They have been trained as bakers and given the tools and training they need to operate the business.  The bread they make will be sold to help sustain the community. This includes distributing a portion of what they produce to the most vulnerable people in the refugee camps.

The bakery will be a community hub, a place for people to gather and to meet the vital needs of the children and orphans living in Oruchinga. 

Building the Oven

We have rented a house with a good sized plot of land in Oruchinga, and the preparations are already underway, including the construction of a wood-fired brick oven.

The First Class of Bakers

Twelve women were in the first class of bakers. Jeffrey Hamelman, and Sara Molinaro of Zingerman's Bakehouse spent a week in Oruchinga providing training to this first group of women.


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