Bakery Open House Event

The Bread Bakers Guild of America Guild-Wide Bakery Open House debuted in June 2011 to accolades from the membership and the public and since then has become an annual event.

The Bakery Open House brings communities to their bakeries and champions the cause for locally made bread. Although Guild bakers shine on the world stage of baking, the essential focus of their work is at home, baking bread for the local community.

This educational and entertaining event allows bread lovers to see how their daily bread is made, to ask questions, and - best of all - to taste samples.

Seventh Annual
Guild-Wide Bakery Open House
Saturday June 24, 2017

Click here to see the 2017 participants.

Erika Record Baking Equipment made a video of their open house.  View it here.


Feedback from Bakeries, 2015

Blue Baker, Austin and College Station, TX
“Our two open houses were a hit!  We had the best turnout yet for both locations and had a lot of fun ... [It] was a blast watching everyone try their hands at rolling a croissant.” 

Beach Lake Bakery, Beach Lake, PA
“The Open House was a huge success!  Everyone loved the tours and learning about artisan baking.”  

Publican Quality Bread, Chicago, IL
“It was great!  We had probably just over 100 people attend. Lots of great questions, lots of interest in our naturally fermented whole grain breads.” 

Feedback from Visitors , 2015

Standard Baking Company, Portland, ME
“I was treated to a fantastic tour of the amazing Standard Baking Company... Many thanks to owner/baker Alison Pray for taking time to chat with me about the glory of real bread!” 

California Wheat Commission, Woodland, CA
“The Wheat Commission open house was fantastic. We got to see all their testing equipment and got the low-down on California wheat. I can’t recommend this place highly enough.”



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Our open house was a great success.  We were baking baguettes the entire time and we went through 28-30 botttles of wine.  Folks wanted to know if we could do it again next year.
- Bennison's Bakery,
Evanston, IL

Our turnout was very good.  My daughter said she had never seen me having so much fun in the store.
- Grateful Bread Company,
Sacramento, CA

We had a great time at our Bakery Open House! Customers loved it!
- Joanna's Marketplace,
Miami, FL

We had a very hectic, exhausting and rewarding day.  I offered a free 3-hour seminar after the day's baking was complete.  Everyone had fun and is very excited about coming back for more classes.
- Orange Boot Bakery,
Regina, SK