Do you remember the Guild’s Education and Events theme for 2020? It is OK if you don’t due to the highly yeasted, unsalted, high dough temp mix that COVID threw into an over-heated and unsteamed oven of a global pandemic.

The theme was ‘2020 Vision’. Ironic, isn’t it, since we did not see what was coming our way?

Even so, the Guild learned to see things in a different light. We had to. Based on those insights, we look forward to next year where we’ll offer classes with different delivery models, that include a diversity of bakers and (hopefully) maintain traditional face to face classes so we can see doughs and colleagues up close and in real life.

So much changed during 2020 that, in a blink of an eye, the decision was made to take another look at Education and Events and bestow 2021 as the year of Revision. Revision 2021.

Don’t worry. We aren’t suggesting a ‘do over’. Rather, the Guild is taking all we’ve learned since 1993, autolysing it with 2020 lessons and coming back with a new vision, a revised vision, a Revision.

The pandemic forced our hand to learn how to present online classes. We can now clearly see this style of education is a way to bring education (the mission of the Guild) to more bakers in more locations and at less cost to everybody. We’ll continue to offer online courses from bake-a-longs, to demo classes to panel discussions. These topics will not only address bread and viennoiserie but also aspects of our evolving industry such as the local grain and milling movement, operating a business during the pandemic and diverse perspectives on bread and baking.

The leadership of the Education and Events Committee is also changing. It is time for me to step down from the role and hand the (chocolate) baton to new Board Member, Roxanna Jullapat. Not only is Roxanna a talented baker and successful business owner but is also helping the Guild fulfill the pledge to “encourage leadership opportunities for BIPOC bakers within BBGA such as board membership”. Roxanna and Director of Operations, Rebecca Miller have a great amount of enthusiasm and vision for a new slate of education events, part of which is to “increase the involvement of our BIPOC members through classes they instruct.

Same old Guild? Nope.

Same high-quality baking and business education? Yep.

Just the same old faces? Nope.

New faces, voices and educational models envisioning a blend of tradition with new perspectives? Yep.

Come take a look at Bread Bakers Guild, Revision 2021, and continue to bake on.

A note on the logo:  In the interest of seeing things differently, we asked a Johnson & Wales University student team from the College of Engineering and Design Department to design the 2021 logo. After many meetings and feedback sessions, we are appreciative and happy to accept their design logo. Since we have an educational mission, we want to acknowledge the work of the Supernova team of Sabrina Laramee, Nolan Badore and Justin Gecse. We think their cinnamon roll and millstone gazing over the horizon separating 2020 from 2021 perfectly represents our revised vision and focus.

Richard Miscovich
Certified Bread Baker
Education & Events Committee Member


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