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For 2019, we've put together an exciting and inspiring slate of classes taught by talented, innovative Guild members.

Registration is now open for several classes. To be added to the waitlist for any sold out class, please email


June 14-15, 2019 - Learn to Make Pizza Like a Pro
Noel Brohner -  King Arthur @ The Bread Lab - Burlington, Washington

Get your artisan pizza game on! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced bread baker or pizza maker, Noel can help you unlock your inner pizza genius. He'll teach you the same recipes and artisan baking techniques he teaches to LA's best restaurant chefs so you can go back to your kitchen and make great artisan pizza in your own oven.

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June 15-16, 2019 - Heritage Wheat Breads - Ellen King - Minneapolis, Minnesota

We are thrilled to offer a two day “hands on” class that focuses on using locally sourced, organic, stone milled grains.  This course is perfect for the retail baker looking to implement stone milled grains into their production and for advanced home bakers as well.

All class participants will learn how to hand mix with a sourdough starter using stone milled heritage wheat varieties, in addition to Einkorn and  Durum.  Ellen will also show her techniques for mixing brioche with stone milled wheat.

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August 8-9, 2019 - A Modern Approach to Classic Viennoiserie - Charles Niedermyer - Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Classic viennoiserie never goes out of style. Customers crave flaky, buttery pastry with all of the fixins! This hands-on pastry class will cover the essential techniques of mixing, fermentation, and lamination of croissant, as well as brioche and other sweet doughs.

Traditional makeups and products will be covered, but students will also explore new flavor profiles and trends that are popular with today’s customer. Savory ingredients and preparations will also be featured, allowing bakers to expand their pastry line beyond the traditional breakfast category. 

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August 16-17, 2019 - Scalds, Soakers & Starters - Stanley Ginsberg - Plano, Texas

Join Stanley Ginsberg for a deep dive into the world of pre-doughs. You'll discuss the various types of leavening and acidifying sponges, including poolish, biga, lievito madre and Types 0, 1 and 2 sourdough starters. You'll also explore the chemistry of scalds and soakers, and bake a wide range of wheat and rye loaves that illustrate each of the pre-doughs. 

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“Baking with Ancient Grains was truly an amazing experience!  I'm really looking forward to taking more classes in the future.” – Bakery employee, OR