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  • farine-mc
    Hello, my name is MC (stands for Marie-Claude) and, yes, I am French and  passionate about bread, bread making, bread tasting, bread eating, bread blogs, bread books, bread pictures, bread everything.In the many years since we moved to the United States, I have witnessed a bread revolution the likes of which I never imagined, even in my wildest dreams.
  • PArtisan Baker

Microbakery: I have been baking sourdough for well over twenty years. In 2007, at the noble age of 60 and clearly heading into my second childhood, I set up Bethesdabakers, a home-based microbakery which at its peak supplied up to sixty individual customers plus restaurants, delicatessens and B&Bs. Back in 2007 there were no models for setting up a microbakery so I developed my own routines and methods of production, including a spreadsheet-based bakery management system.

  • Stir the Pots
    Stir the Pots focuses on the food biz, especially chefs. Some are famous. Others aren't. What interests us are the tales about this crazy business, whether the folks we interview are responsible for cutting edge cuisine or old fashioned comfort food. Together, we stir the pots, talking about the passions, frustrations, or challenges of chefs and other food professionals.
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