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The Bread Bakers Guild of America is pleased to announce its 2017 regional events theme, "Signs of the Times."

Baking processes and procedures used long ago have now been updated through innovation, and curious minds are always searching for new ways to create healthy, delicious products.  Please join us and take advantage of the great lineup of classes we are offering for 2017. 


Registration is OPEN for the following: 

April 8-9 -  Charlotte, NC
Bread and Art:  Baking Your Way to Community

Instructor:  Tara Jensen

Tara Jensen is known for her astonishingly beautiful baked creations. (Click here for Instagram photos.) An artist by training, she tells this story: “Three years after leaving the arts scene to develop the bakery, I found myself in a well-known gallery, slicing bread for an opening. I was asked, ‘Didn’t you used to make art?’ To which I replied, ‘I still do. Here, have a bite.’”

In this class, she will connect baking, art, and community. Students will bake country-style, slow-fermented breads using freshly milled flour and will learn to enhance their loaves with artistic scoring and stenciling. Tara will also discuss CSBs, pizza nights, and other ways to engage the community with your baking.

This is one of the few Guild classes open to beginning bakers. Take advantage of the opportunity!

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April 22-23 - Providence, RI
Baking with Sprouted Grains

Instructor:  Richard Miscovich

Sprouted grains and sprouted grain flour have recently captured the imagination of bread bakers by adding natural sweetness, rich flavor, and increased nutrition to baked goods.

Join Richard Miscovich, department chair at Johnson & Wales University and author of From the Wood-Fired Oven, for a weekend of baking healthy and delicious breads with sprouted grains and sprouted grain flour. The class will conduct tests to compare sprouted and unsprouted flour and will bake unusual products like a 100% sprouted wheat hearth bread, a whey-based hearth bread, and a savory flatbread.

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May 5-6  -  Norwich, VT
Naturally Leavened Breads Using Raisin Water
Instructor:  Jeffrey Hamelman

In this class Jeffrey Hamelman will share the technique he learned from a Swiss master baker:  using raisin water - juice from raisins steeped in water - to leaven bread.

The last time The Guild offered this class, students commented, "Jeffrey’s breadth of experience is amazing and enlightening." and "His descriptions of process, math, and methodology are very easy to follow.  He has a fun and accessible teaching style."

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Registration is NOT YET OPEN for the following classes  (Watch this space):

May 22-23 - Petaluma, CA
Classic Italian Breads

Instructor:  Kathleen Weber

June 3-4 - Montclair, NJ
Bialys, Bagels, and Babka

Instructor:  Melissa Weller

August 12-13 - Minneapolis, MN
Popular Cafe Pastries

Instructor:  John Kraus

August 26-27 - Los Angeles, CA
Bread and Chocolate

Instructors:  Jeff Yankellow and Donald Wressell

October 9-10 - Burlington, WA
In-House Milling and Baking

Instructors: Steve Jones and Scott Mangold

October 28-29 - Seattle, WA
How to Start a Community-Supported Bakery

Instructor: Don Guerra

November 4-5 - Phoenix, AZ
Baking with Whole Grains

Instructor:  Randy George


Registration is CLOSED for the following classes:

SOLD OUT - February 25-26, 2017  -  St. Louis, MO
The Science Behind Sourdough

Instructors:  Karen Bornarth and Debra Wink
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SOLD OUT - March 14-15, 2017  -  Portland, OR
The World of Rye Breads
Instructor:  Stanley Ginsberg

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“Baking with Ancient Grains was truly an amazing experience!  I'm really looking forward to taking more classes in the future.” – Bakery employee, OR