Bakery Open House Event

The Bread Bakers Guild of America Guild-Wide Bakery Open House debuted in June 2011 to accolades from the membership and the public. Guild member bakeries opened their doors to the public and allowed bread lovers to see where and how their bread was made, to ask questions and taste samples.

The Bakery Open House was conceived as a way to bring communities to their bakeries, as well as champion the cause for locally made bread. Although Guild bakers shine on the world stage of baking, the essential focus of their work is at home, baking bread for the local community.


The Fifth Guild-Wide Bakery Open House
is scheduled for
Saturday, June 27, 2015.

Click here to see if there's an open house near you!

Comments about past Bakery Open Houses

Breadfarm, Edison, WA
“The Open House was great!  People get so excited to come in the back door and learn about what we do.  Both Scott and I love seeing their enthusiasm for our craft.  We're happy to have participated again.”  

La Farm Bakery, Cary, NC
“Our Bakery Open House was absolutely wonderful! We had about 60 people in attendance. Lionel demo-ed mixing by hand and shaping techniques to the guests. Some even tried their hand at it, shaping baguettes, boules, epi, and more. We gave the guests a tour of the bakery, showing them how to use our brand new Miwe oven, and also did a ‘bread tasting’ where they got to sample a variety of our breads using locally grown and milled North Carolina flours.”

Orange Boot Bakery, Regina, SK
“Our open house this year was the best yet.  We ran tours in the afternoon and had a local goat cheese producer and honey producer come by to offer samples with our bread.  The highlight was our ‘Pretzel and Braid’ class that we held after we finished our daily baking. . . Everyone had a pile of fun, and we received some amazing thank you letters.”

Panhandle Artisan Bread, Moscow, ID
“Our open house was a lot of fun.  Our  neighbors at Hog Heaven Sausage and the Moscow Brewing Company also opened their doors up.  We made pizza in our deck oven using local cheese and Hog Heaven Italian sausage.  We also featured bread made with the Moscow Brewing Company’s spent grains and amber ale.  We had two bands play - . . .people drank and sang and danced.  This also marked our 5 year anniversary.” 

Gracious Bakery, New Orleans, LA
“Our Bakery Open House went so well! We gave tours of the kitchen from 8 am to 11 am, 5 tours with 10-15 people each.  There were lots of new faces in the crowd, asking lots of questions. We definitely gained new customers, and everyone is interested in hands-on bread classes, which we plan to offer in the fall. . .We can't wait to participate in the next one.”

Patisserie 46, Minneapolis, MN
“This year we had an even better turnout than previous years!  I never knew we had so many Guild members here in Minnesota.  It was wonderful to show them around and talk shop.  We made greater connections with nearby members of the community by allowing them into our ‘home.’ .  . .  All in all, it was a great experience, and I hope to leave our doors wide open for the Guild and community for years to come!”


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Our open house was a great success.  We were baking baguettes the entire time and we went through 28-30 botttles of wine.  Folks wanted to know if we could do it again next year.
- Bennison's Bakery,
Evanston, IL

Our turnout was very good.  My daughter said she had never seen me having so much fun in the store.
- Grateful Bread Company,
Sacramento, CA

We had a great time at our Bakery Open House! Customers loved it!
- Joanna's Marketplace,
Miami, FL

We had a very hectic, exhausting and rewarding day.  I offered a free 3-hour seminar after the day's baking was complete.  Everyone had fun and is very excited about coming back for more classes.
- Orange Boot Bakery,
Regina, SK