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The Bread Bakers Guild of America is proud to announce its 2015 regional event theme, "Revival: What's Old Is New."  As we all know, what goes around comes around!  Bread baking and artisan baking techniques continue to cycle with philosophies, new/old farming practices, and technical knowledge. 

Our 2015 calendar includes hands-on artisan bread and pastry classes combining traditional and contemporary ideas, as well as classes sharing valuable practical information for professional bakers.   

To view the full 2015 class calendar, click here.

Classes will be opened a few at a time.  Watch this space for registration announcements!

Registration is OPEN
the following 2015 classes: 


April 18-19 - Breakfast Evolution, Minneapolis, MN
Breakfast has evolved beyond toast and biscuits! Joanne Chang of Flour Bakery + Café will teach you how to ramp up your breakfast repertoire with delectable items like Breakfast Pizza (brioche dough, caramelized onions, bacon, and crème fraîche), Cinnamon Cream Brioche, and Ham and Vermont Cheddar Hot Pockets made of focaccia dough, and others.

In addition, Rachel Crampsey of the Montclair Bread Company and winner of The 2014 Cooking Channel's Donut Showdown, will challenge everything you thought you knew about doughnuts. Learn to make cutting-edge products like Apple Cider Doughnuts, Tres Leches Doughnuts, Boston Cream Doughnuts, and more.
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May 8-9 - Naturally Leavened Breads Using
Raisin Water, Norwich, VT
Using raisin water to leaven bread is an ancient technique dating back to the time of Pliny the Elder.  Jeffrey Hamelman of King Arthur Flour learned this unique process from a Swiss master and in this class will share it with you and teach you to make a variety of delicious breads.
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July 10-11 - Baking with Locally Grown Grains, Norwich, VT
In this class, students will use flour milled from local grains to make breads and pastries. Jeffrey Hamelman of King Arthur Flour will address the special considerations of working with local grains, as well as technical topics such as flour testing and assessment, and will bring you up to date on the latest grain initiatives and research.
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August 15-16 - Designing a Bakery, Chicago, IL
Designing the layout is one of the most important aspects of opening a bakery. Michael Eggebrecht of Artisan Baking Resources, who spent many years learning about efficiency and production techniques from European bakeries, will teach you to design a 1,000-5,000 square foot bakery. The two-day class includes visits to Chicago bakeries.

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October 23-24 - The Wonder Bread Years...From an Artisan Perspective, Providence, RI
Travel back to the future! Richard Miscovich of Johnson & Wales University will teach you to apply artisan bread methods and techniques to traditional ethnic breads like Cuban Bread, Kaiser Rolls, Hoagie Rolls, Polish Rye, and Italian Pepper Biscuits. Lear to update classic – and much beloved - Northeastern baked goods with whole grain versions, using local ingredients.
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November 7-8 - Baking with Ancient and
Sprouted Grains, Charlotte, NC

Learn to bake with sprouted grain flours and sprouted grain pulps such as wheat, rye, corn, and ancient grain blends.  Peter Reinhart of Johnson & Wales Charlotte will teach you to make interesting and flavorful products like Khorasan Bagels, Sprouted Rye Bread, and Cascara Seca Bâtards.
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November 14-15 - Kickin' It Old School:  Bringing Back Classic Viennoiserie, Calgary, AB
Traditional viennoiserie takes a contemporary twist.  Tracey Muzzolini of Team Canada and Christie's Mayfair Bakery will show you how to put a fresh spin on classic favorites like Chocolate Croissants, Cannoncini (Cream Horns), and Farmer Sausage Rolls, and how to create new flavors by laminating compound butters into bread dough.
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Registration for the following classes

DEADLINE PASSED - March 14-15 - Starting a Bakery, Seattle, WA
Instructors: Leslie Mackie and Solveig Tofte
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SOLD OUT - June 15-16 - Milling and Baking with Local and Specialty Wheats, Mount Vernon, NY

Instructors: Steve Jones and Jonathan Bethony
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“Baking with Ancient Grains was truly an amazing experience!  I'm really looking forward to taking more classes in the future.” – Bakery employee, OR